Making Our Impact in "Green Goodness Co." by Gabrielle Gessner

WODUP gets it's first public feature in Green Goodness Co. It's only natural that I'm excited to share this triumph with my WODUP Fam.
"Did you know that Perth is booming when it comes to our local activewear industry?..." 
"...When I set out to find Perth based brands, I was expecting to find a handful. Instead, I found over 20, and there is probably more. And if that isn’t exciting, I don’t know what is!..."  - Sarah-Beth Plishka
We couldn't agree more. And the exciting part is we're one of them!!!
To be recognised as one of the top activewear brands in Perth, after less than 1 year in the game is extremely valuable for us.
It means the word is getting out about our sustainable fitness gear and I couldn't be more excited!
To wake up and find an article featuring one of our photographs as it's main focus, followed by this heading on a reputable health and wellness platform like Green Goodness Co. blows me away!
To not only be compared, but mixing it with other top and well respected, Perth activewear brands say's we're on the right track to expanding. Promoting vibes of positivity and awareness about our #EcoIsGO ways.
"...You will be able to find quality leggings and crop tops at any given price point that rival big brand names, and come from owners who know what the Perth based fitness market is really like...If you’ve ever been wanting to support more local businesses while rocking some amazing gear, the time to make that switch is now."  - Sarah-Beth
It makes me so proud to be able to share our story through platforms like Green Goodness Co. Without health and wellness hubs like this, making our impact would be that much harder!

"For those looking to “do good” while looking good, check out WOD UP. Not only does a dollar from every transaction go towards support the Tangaroa Blue Foundation to help clean up our oceans, but by using fabrics such as Modal (a biodegradable fibre made from Beechwood) and R-PET (Recycled polyester) they hope to create pieces that are both eco-friendly AND functional." - Sarah-Beth



I want to give many thanks to the team at Green Goodness Co. for recognising WODUP as a leading Activewear brand. It's definitely fueled my flame. The journey is just beginning!

And to my much loved WODUP Tribe. Well the support you have given us over the past 12 months has been overwhelming! We owe part of our success of acknowledgement to you. Because lets face it. Without you, we wouldn't be here. End of story! 

GG x

Full article: Green Goodness Co.

Instagram @greengoodnessco

Photography: Theron Kirkman

Instagram @theronfoto


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