Built For Performance

If you've been following our journey on socials then you would have a pretty good idea that we're more than just a sustainable eco activewear brand. Yes. We believe that the fit kit you wear everyday makes a difference to your performance in your active lifestyle pursuits and helps us/you on our/your mission to save the planet. Which is why we choose sustainable fabrics for our performance clothing.


Along with this, we want to promote a sustainable lifestyle on a broader scale, and to provide you all with useful tools to assist you on your sustainable fitness journey.

Hence, the collaboration with Brick Built Strength. To us it was a natural progression when joining forces to bring you a methodical based program backed by science (not rocket science) and a fundamental mindset.

'Nothing complicated. Just functional designing that serves you day in and day out to live your best life.'

Know that you won't be alone. I'm going to be starting and sharing my experiences over then next 6 weeks too. Let's do this together. It won't be easy. It will be challenging. But that's the point right? Join me and let's share our experiences and hiccups along the way. We've got this;)

So. Who is Brick Built Strength?

Coaches Dom and Danielle giving us the low down;

Brick Built Strength is a diverse online fitness and wellness company that strives to enhance your overall well being, physically, mentally and emotionally to live a stronger life.

They,(we) believe that health and wellness are more than just going to the gym everyday. It's about a lifestyle that is surrounded by joy and happiness, it's a mindset that is built from bettering yourself from knowing your purpose.

What is Built for Performance? Whats involved?

  • This is a 6 week program that exemplifies high performance template style training.
  • This program is designed for the go-getters that do not want to think. Let's just lace up and work!
  • Built for Performance provides a functional, yet body building style of training. This is a game plan for those that are seeking the aesthetics (LOOK GOOD NAKED), but also the side of fitness focused on performance action. This 6 week program is full of great strength, endurance and functional pieces that challenge you on all levels and allow you to crush your goals.
  • Change up traditional styled training. Plateaued? Then this is for you. 
  • You will need some form of gym experience and you will need to be dedicated over the required time if you want to see some results and develop that sustainable habit.

Stop wasting time looking up workouts and getting the same results! Let's start building the life and body you've always wanted, Brick by Brick!

What you get?

  •  A 6 week pre-built program.
  • strength/endurance/functional movements.
  • metabolic conditioning/aerobic capacity.
  • 24/7 online support from us and the Brick Built Strength gurus.
  • Demo's/tips and mindset sharpeners via our Instagram and Facebook platforms. Instagram - @wod.up & @brickbuiltstrength
  • PDF e-book.

What you need?

  • Full global gym or crossfit gym.
  • Gym experience of some kind.
  • 60 mins to dedicate to workouts 5 days a week.
  • a good attitude and a commitment level = 6 weeks. You want to see results right?

Early Bird incentives

  • Join the team and sign up/purchase the Built for Performance program between the 15/2/19 - 28/2/19 and receive a 10% discount. All you need to to do is hit the following link and enter your exclusive discount code;
  • https://www.brickbuiltstrength.com/programs
  • Use code: BFP10
  • On purchasing this program you will find an exclusive discount code with in which will give you a whopping 25% discount code to use on our ECO Activewear! 

We want you to get the full sustainable experience, so here's your chance to really #MakeYourImpact . On your life and on the planet!

  • The program will officially kick off from the 3rd of March so we can all share our experience's and build on that performance, body and mindset journey together.
  • There will be weekly tips and video demonstrations along the way.
  • You will always have access to us and the Brick Built team if you have any questions or concerns.

Sound awesome? WOD are you waiting for?

I'm ready to kick some fitness goals. Who am I kidding? I'm ready to get back on track and be made accountable;) Who's with me?

I'm super excited to see us all find fitness the sustainable way. 

Keep an eye out for more info, tips and tricks along the way. And let's build our new found body, mind and soul, #brickbybrick

ps. For Q&A's be sure to see our instagram stories tomorrow.

GG x