COMP-LETE Uncovered

Our new COMP-LETE fabric is finally here with our first small batch of products launching on Thursday 23 May! We're pretty freaking excited about this new range, and we're here to lay it all out and let you know why COMP-LETE is one of our most exciting innovations yet...

Why a new fabric?

Well, it’s no secret that sustainability is our driving force so it should come as no surprise that this is the main reason behind the development of COMP-LETE. We know that there is no such thing as 100% sustainable, but we believed we could get closer than where we have been up until now, and it was important to us that we never stopped striving for better.

COMP-LETE is not only made from a higher percentage of recycled materials compared with our other fabric R-PET, it also still meets the highest standards in terms of performance and durability (after all, is it really sustainable if it doesn’t stand the test of time? We think not). 

What's different about it?

While creating COMP-LETE we pushed things to the absolute limit. We wanted a fabric that contained the the highest percentage of recycled materials possible (in this case recycled fishing nets) while still having enough breathability, flexibility, and firmness to both hold its shape and allow free flow movement. The answer in the end was a combination of 87% RECYCLED fishing nets with 13% spandex.

How does this measure up against our existing R-PET? 

While our IMPACT range of recycled plastic bottles definitely ticks all the boxes, it has a more lustrous sheen compared to our matte finish COMP-LETE fabric. Why? Because different recycled materials produce different finished results, and with a different look comes a slightly different feel.

If you’ve already had the WODUP workout experience you’ll appreciate the naked feels our products are known for - and that’s something we weren’t willing to compromise on. So rest assure you’ll still be enjoying a fidget free workout, just with a more cozy sensation. What could be better, right?

Now we hate to compare our brand to others, but to give you an idea of the feel you can expect with COMP-LETE, it’s similar to Lululemon.

What else can we tell you about why COMP-LETE is so special?

Well when it comes to the design of our COMP-LETE collection, it's all about simplicity. We know what works when it comes to reaching for your go-to fit kit everyday, and we agreed that the most sustainable design was a simple design. That’s not to say we haven’t thought long and hard about a few things. Let's break it down.

The Leggings

Our COMP-LETE leggings have an added seamless inner leg and crotch  panel. Why? Umm, there's no other way to say it - it means no camel toe. They also have a higher waistband to ensure they're nice and firm around the belly, yet also flattering for women of all shapes and sizes.

The Bra

What set would be COMP-LETE without the ultimate bra to match? We wanted to create something that would have our back (and our bust) while also remaining super comfy. For us that meant a racer back. There are a couple of things that make this bra different though. 

Built with a slightly wider and more supportive base elastic, we wanted to create a bra that would give you that little extra confidence for bouncy workouts. The wider back design means you get more support in the front - where it matters most - plus it means this bra caters for busts of any size. 

We also thought long and hard about the front design. We wanted to create a shape that was flattering, feminine and supportive for all. Hence the slight V taper. The best way we can describe it is 90% support with 10% sass. Because a girl needs to feel sexy when she’s fitnessing.

Last, but not least we also added in a mesh insert to help keep you fresh.

So, what about the fit?
If you’ve already collected a few of our pieces you’ll already know your size. But if you’re a WODUP virgin there will be a size guide on the product page. Let us refresh because you’ll need to be ready...


S – size 6-8 AU
M – size 10-12 AU
L – size 12-14 AU

(Caters to all cup sizes up to a DD) 

COMP-LETE Leggings

XS – size 6-8 AU
S – size 10-12 AU
M – size 12-14 AU
L – size 14-16 AU

What’s the future for COMP-LETE?
Let’s just say we’re strongly considering this set for the beginning of a new Sustainable Staples Collection. It’s really up to you though, and what you think of the product. We also love to hear your thoughts and ideas, so feel free to inbox us anytime.

How can you get your hands on COMP-LETE?
The first small batch launches on Thursday 23 May - you’ll probably want to set your alarm to make sure you don't miss out!

COMP-LETE has been a year in the making as finding that sweet spot in terms of feel, performance, durability and sustainability takes a lot of testing and tweaking. We are so excited to finally be able to share it with you! But don't just take our word for it.

Shop our new COMP-LETE range and see for yourself why this new fabric is an absolute game-changer both for your workout, and for the environment.