Do Good. Be Good. Live Fit.

Introducing Luana Marchi. WODUP Ambassador and Health & Wellness Coach.  Also founder of Luana Marchi Healthy Food, wholesome recipe developer, and writer.

Luana describes herself as being a very active, creative and positive person who enjoys her free time spent with nature, new adventures, travelling, experimenting with new food cultures and exercising with friends.

Besides her career as a Holistic Nutrition Coach, she is a triathlete and coincides her job with training for running and triathlon competitions.

Luana believes that food has a big impact on our lives, ranging from nutritional nourishment all the way to physical, emotional and social well being.

Holidays at her grand parents farm made natural and organic her passion for whole foods.  But it was her health complications that prompted her to make positive life changes from being a lawyer to Nutritional Therapist.  Luana was committed to fully understanding nutrition and how it can improve general health and well being.

Her aim is to assist people in finding balance, reconnect with food, clarify the misunderstandings about lifestyle habits and allowing change to feel the real benefits of healthy choices.  

"Once you realise how good you feel from real food it becomes natural and forms long lasting changes."


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