WODUP writes...

Introducing 'Invincible Summer' - WODUP's first ever Winter Collection.
Inspired by the words of Albert Camus, "In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me lay an Invincible Summer."
Although this collection may be tiny, It packs a punch. Still following our #ecoisgo values, every piece is made from organic cotton topped with all the fruit (so to speak).
Functional lounging gear for him and her. Unisex inspired pieces with a relaxed sportluxe vibe.
Let me introduce our beautiful human's aka models who absolutely captured the feel of this collection and ultimately gave it life!
We came across the Nolan Bros, Alex and Lewis a while back through social media. They got my full attention with there insane freestyle motorbike skills. I later found out that these talented brothers were functional fitness f45 freaks. I knew then that I needed to collaborate with these guys. They are a true reflection of the WODUP culture.
You may recognise this beauty Lauren, from our first ever shoot. And lets not forget the Love Story booty shorts babe;)
Lauren aka Loz has been a good friend of ours for a while now. We met at our gym a few years ago where she is now a trainer and massage therapist. We also competed in a crossfit comp together where we walked away with the title. Don't be fooled by her beauty. She may be little, but she is fierce.
This chick is everything WODUP. She's been on the ride with us from the beginning and I'm sure you'll agree she fits the mold perfectly;)
These 3 pocket rockets killed this shoot and I couldn't be more excited and proud of this range. And I hope you guys all love it as much as I have loved creating it.
These 3 garments truly reflect our motto - Eco friendly performance clothing that lets you 'do good' when you are 'being good'. Whether you're playing for keeps or just for fun, then 'Invincible Summer' is for you!
Thanks for all your support.
Now go and #MakeYourImpact
GG x