It's an Anna Davey 3 Part Body Blitz Workout Series!

Yes it's winter and yes we get that it's tough to keep that motivation to keep moving. But come on. Zero excuses right?

Ok, so to help you out we've teamed up with ambassador and Elite rock climber Anna Davey to gift you a few free PT sessions to see you through this July.

It's a three part Body Blitz Series. Minimum equipment needed (a set of Dumbells only)

Designed to take you anywhere. Anytime. Tag your squad and get it done!

(Zero excuses)


Complete the circuit 3 times, resting 2 mins in between.

10 Dumbbell clean & press (each side)
10 Dumbbell single leg Deadlifts (each side)
10 Dumbbell bent over fly's
10 Dumbbell curtsey lunges (each side)
10 Renegade rows (each side)


Think Tabata.

20 seconds working. 10 seconds off.
Rest for 1 minute after each round.
Repeat for 3 rounds.

1 round =
1. Single leg shoulder Push up right
2. Single leg shoulder Push up left
3. Shuffle to split lunge right
4. Shuffle to split lunge left
5. Squat to oblique crunch 
6. Mountain climbers


It's a 20 min AMRAP.

Min 1. Push ups
Min 2. multi-directional lunges
Min 3. Pausing High Knees
Min 4. Oblique Plank Crunches

Rest for 1 min and complete for 4 x rounds.

Be sure to count your reps and challenge a friend. 

To get Anna's Eco workout kit hit these links below. Sweat happens. And the right gear helps.

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Follow Anna for more tips, tricks and customised training programs.