Q&A with Ambassador Luana Marchi

It's no secret that Luana is a picture of health, and spreading her knowledge about nutrition, fitness, overall health & well being and living the sustainable way is something that sit's close to the heart of WODUP.
We had a chat to health coach and mentor Luana to find out what inspires her journey and keeps her motivated to change the way we think about life, food and most importantly, ourselves!
Tell us a bit about your journey...

" I’m Luana Marchi, a Health & Wellness Coach who was born in Brazil and now lives and works in Sydney, Australia. I was wanted to make the difference and contribute on making the world a better place. Aiming to achieve it, back in Brazil I graduated as a lawyer, but sadly, I knew since my first year at law school that it wasn't for me.

Moving to Australia gave me the chance to focus on what I’m truly passionate about, so my life mission now is to inspire others to improve their health and wellbeing through food.

Growing up in Brazil, I spent a lot of time with my grandmother on her farm in the countryside in Minas Gerais. She always called me to her side when she was cooking, and teach me what she was doing, and she always let me taste foods and lick the bowl!

Cooking and sharing a family meal is important in general in Brazilian culture, but because my family also has Italian roots it’s an even bigger part of life.

I was also often sick when I was a child - now I know I was already celiac, but back then I was just often sick - and my mother’s approach was to try to use natural medicine to help me, rather than continually taking me to a doctor. We always ate well, and never ate junk food - a good habit that still sticks with me today.

I’m a bit of a nerd, so I have a lot of qualifications in nutrition and health, including certifications as a Nutritional Therapist, Gut Health Specialist and Sports and Exercise Nutritional Adviser, but you can see the full list on my website...


My work these days involves great variety: from running workshops and events, running private cooking training for families, doing influencer work with brands and conducting one-to-one health and wellness coaching.

 What makes you tick? What get's you excited?

I have no worlds to describe my happiness when I receive feedback and messages from people saying that I've inspired them to live a healthier life, healed their relationship with food, improve confidence, find balance and discover their best self and health.

What does 'Being Healthy' mean to you?

Being healthy is about living a positive life, finding balance between good eating habits, exercising, spending time with our loved ones, self-love and making a difference uplifting other people and contributing with our community. 

Looking back, what would you change about the way you saw yourself?

Related to body appearance and physical looking: Stop trying to fix imperfections or comparing yourself to others you are beautiful and unique.

Professional and personal live: Only YOU know your full potential. Your driven and passion for sharing your believes will be recognised one day. You are on the right path, patience and persistence will ultimately pay off. 

The future you is freaking proud of all the mistakes and risks you took to bring us where we are.

Living sustainably is the way of the future. Yes?

Totally,  In my opinion being environmentally friend is also part of a Healthy Lifestyle. Being eco-friendly impacts more than just the planet it affects our health too.

So you've got a snack attack. What do you reach for?

The first thing that came to my mind was avocado with a little sprinkle of seeds. No need to worry about cooking or messing up my kitchen, just grab a spoon and eat it. Yummy, hahaha

During summer a smoothie is a great option too, and if it is winter a turmeric or matcha latte...

What does living a sustainable life mean to you? How do you #MakeYourImpact every day?

1-Buying fewer and better things. I only buy what I really need and always opt for second hand and or sustainable/eco-friendly brands.  

2-If and when I eat meat I prioritise quality than quantity. Just limiting your meat consumption can make a huge difference. You don’t have to become a vegetarian, but eating meat less frequently will significantly help the environment.

3-Driving is always my last option. I love being active and it makes much more sense to me walking, running, cycling or catching public transport so instead of wasting time in traffic I can use it to read a book or checking social media.

I have a post in my blog sharing tips for living a more sustainable life "

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GG x


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