Naked Truth - We're Evolving...

Let me start by saying this...

When something evolves, it changes or develops over time.

And that's exactly where we're/I'm at here at WODUP HQ (aka our house in Perth).

Maybe you've read my last Naked Truth blog - Let's Get Real, and if you haven't then this blog post might not be making much sense so far. So I'll attach a link at the bottom of this 'behind WODUP walls' for you to get fully in the loop here.

Anyway, you may be wondering why we haven't been releasing any new gear lately. Why? Well like I said previously, we've been doing a lot of soul searching and digging/researching because things in my mind in regards to 'sustainable activewear' left me with a lot of questions. One of them being "Does the world need more activewear?" You know, considering the consequences of what happens to our used and abused fitness wear after we're done with it. I mean let's face it, when have you ever worn out a pair of leggings? And if you have, then amen Sista. And why was that?... we'll get back to this later.

Ok, let's talk about 'good plastics' and 'bad plastics'. Let's use this as an analogy. It is National Recycling Week next week after all, and you know we're all about reducing, reusing and recycling.

Now contrary to what you might think plastic is not the real problem here. It's the way we use it. And the way we dispose of it. FYI - It ain't going anywhere but in our oceans or into landfill! 

Plastic was designed to last a lifetime which makes it perfect for activewear. It can almost always be recycled and given new life and its durable! And it doesn't degrade over time. So the big issue for me is why produce a product like a plastic straw that is designed to be used for 10 minutes? That's 'bad plastic' right there.

And this exactly how I'm looking at activewear or athleisure. Why are we producing garments made from plastic (designed to last a lifetime) that only end up in landfill for the next 400 years because 'you're over it' in a month? That's not Eco friendly. That's not sustainable fashion. That's just bad use of plastic.

*Gets down and dirty*

I am so serious about reducing our environmental impact that I have been getting deep into the science behind the recycling process of turning 'old things' (like our fit kits) into 'new things' (new fit kits). And after seeing that other Eco activewear brands are claiming they're closing the loop and doing just that I immediately got excited and started googling.

Long story short. It's actually not possible. Well not for us. YET. Well this is if you're dealing with textiles containing more than 1 polymer. This is the problem scientist's are facing according to Graham at Blocktexx. Let me explain this mumbo jumbo.

Just say you check the label on you favourite leggings or t-shirt and it says 95% X fabric/ 5% X fabric. The problem is in the seperation of these 2 polymers without degradation or reduction of quality in the fibres.

Even a 100% organic cotton t-shirt can't be recycled without degradation of the finished fibre. Science suggests that only approximately 30% of the recycled cotton can be injected into your new cotton tee for it to pass the durability test.

The moral of my story? In this day and age, there is no perfect solution. So my advice is shop consciously. Do your research. There is no such thing as Away. Everything goes somewhere. And for a very long time.

We're refining, simplifing and redesigning...

What does this mean? We'll still be here in the background re-defining our meaning of our ideal of truly sustainable activewear. We're just evolving is all. And I'm excited for all of us!

Stay tuned. We're just reloading....

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It's not about being perfect. It's about doing better, just 1 conscious swap at a time.

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