Naked Truth - Beautiful Chaos

This is it – my last bit of naked truth for 2019. And it has nothing to do with activewear. More to do with what WODUP eco activewear has given me!

I digress...

I can’t give you a date for certain, but early this year I met Alex. She is so up my alley and the owner of Yoga Sita. I had never practiced yoga. Ever. But I had an inkling I needed some kind of flow state in my life. If you know me, you know I’m a bull at a gate with everything I do in life. It’s all or nothing....but, to be brutally honest this head space was slowly making me stupid.

(Evidence suggests that the busier you are, or the more time you live multi-tasking, the more your IQ drops)

Anyway, I approached Alex to be an ambassador. And we met. And it turns out we had more in common than just yoga. We were both business women. And not only that, we were sole business owners feeling ourselves turning circles in our own business bubbles.

Alex tested our Eco activewear. I started yoga. And we both started meeting up for coffee, beer’s and pretty much just ear bashing each other and off loading about life.

4 weeks pass by...

We next met up, and Alex mentions that she has an Indian trip planned for November and that one person had dropped out (thank the Lord for you) and wondered if I’d like to come. I immediately said YES!
Now, this is where it gets kinda spooky or maybe things are just the way they're meant to be.

Put the kettle on or pour a wine... There’s a story coming...

You see my dream to go to India has been with me my whole life. Bizarre right? I mean what was a pigeon pose to me at this point?

So here’s the spooky bit. I need to check the time frames here but as a child I remember my Nan aka Peggy being a nurse in India. I’m 41, so this is way before women did this kind of thing. From my memories she lived with an Indian family and nursed a man named Roland who had leprosy. I remember him visiting us in Australia. To this day we don’t know how he’s going. It was all pen and paper back then and now since my Nan and Pop are gone we have lost contact.

I can’t say how long she was there or how many times she returned, but I do know that she took my mumma Barb one time when I was a baby, and the promise was always that she’d take me before she died.
(Slightly morbid I know, but that’s how we all speak about life and death in my family. Honestly, we are all high on life and we never think of the other when we speak)

Well that never happened. My Nan Peggy suddenly died at age 65. I think I was about 13. It absolutely broke my heart because I knew she had so much more to share with me. We had so much in common looking back, and I now know I am so much like her in so many ways. She always pushed the ‘norm'.

Fast forward to October...

I was committed. I knew I wanted to do this trip of a lifetime, but I was starting to think 'oh shit' I’m not sure I’m ready. I mean, it’s more than a case of booking a flight. There’s complicated Visa applications involved along with the vaccinations. I was beginning to have doubts about whether I wanted to go. I’m busy in my bubble at work and the WODUP world would die without me here. Well that’s what I thought.

The truth is, I was in. So, I get to check in and I had the wrong visa. FML. Luckily for me, Jeannine (a fellow India tribe member) was checking in next to me. She sorted me out and we were in.

Ok. So I’m really doing this.

From this point on we all talked about our doubts (which was comforting in itself) and we never really looked back.

I/all 20 of us, had the best and at some parts the most testing times of our lives. But you know what? We all wouldn’t change anything.

We’ve all come back a little bit more grateful and maybe we’re all still wishing we were still there. Not because we don’t love home and the people we have in our lives, but because we just started to feel a sense of freedom within ourselves or better still amongst ourselves. We were becoming a tight unit and just settling in.

“How was India?” A question I really can’t quite answer. Why? Because it’s something I’ve never experienced before. It’s, as Alex would say, 'beautiful chaos'. It’s not every day you walk down a street with cows, dogs and monkeys all at the same time.

It was the start of a journey to acceptance. The seeing of the beauty within the chaos. The accepting of it.

Fast forward 3 weeks...

I am still trying to hold on to the feeling. A feeling that 20 strangers created in 2 weeks.
I have barely trained since being home. And you know what? I’m actually ok with it. Because I feel I’m fitter in my mind than I have ever been before. And if I’m being honest, this has only come to fruition today as I’m writing this. It just goes to show the experience lives on long after you unpack your bags.

I’m actually ok with where I am and what I’m doing. Stepping back to moving forward. My mind is clearer and my craziness is slightly slowing down. I’m actually feeling the beautiful chaos of India. No rush. No worries.

We’re all in control of our own destiny. But sometimes you need to say YES and commit before you’re ready. Everything happens for a reason and Everything is possible! And I’m so thankful for the experience Alex has given me.

I secretly know my Peggy was there with me. How do I know? Because I stood up ‘to myself' and ‘for myself' in a way I never have before. And in a way I’ll probably never really be able to explain to anyone. Let’s just say it’s our little secret Nan;)

If there's one thing I've learnt this year its to trust my instincts. Intuition is a powerful thing. And I'm just realising I need to tap into that more.

Takeaway: There's beauty in chaos if you choose to slow down and see it. Don't forget to stop every once in a while to reflect on the past. You are exactly where you're meant to be. Right here. Right now!

So from me to you, I'm sending some beautiful chaos and clarity as we all head into an exciting new decade!

I want to thank you all for your support and I sincerely wish you a safe and happy New Year!

Big love and many cheers.

Gab Gx

PS. If you got this far, stop goal planning for 2020 and be present. You've got 1 day left of 2019. Make it count. And remember, you ain't ever getting this moment back!