Naked Truth - In the Loop with Gabrielle Gessner

Been wondering what we've been up to? If so read on. It's a juicy one;)

While you've all been out there kicking goals, we've been working on kicking some of our own goals behind the scenes too.

While contemplating our next move, we decided to take a step back and decide what is most important to us and the message we're sending. Let me explain. To me, being sustainable means producing quality ‘staples’ over quantity. You know, go-to pieces on high rotation that stand the test of time and are always on trend. This is what we call Slow Fashion. I'll talk more about that later. But first let's talk about Transparency.

You all know by now that sustainability and performance is priority here at WODUP. It's a never ending process of development, testing and a shit load of research. Our goal is to become more transparent. Yeah, we bang on about our sustainable fabrics, but we know that that doesn't mean sustainable in every sense of the word. Which is why I've been spending a lot of my time researching. It's important to me that we're not seen as ‘Green Washing’. I want to know where the raw materials we use for our fabrics come from, right through to the facilities we deal with. We care about the people that produce our clothing just as much as we care about the impact we make on the environment when producing them.

I've been working closely with Amy (boss lady) at our SA8000 certified facility in China where our clothing is cut and sewn (shown above). We endeavor to trace everything back from where our raw materials are sourced, to the chemical-free (eco friendly) dying process used to colour our fabrics.

What does it mean to be SA8000 certified? I’m glad you asked.

An SA8000 certification guarantees a lot of really important stuff, including no forced or child labor, safe working conditions, fair pay, no forced overtime and the right to unionise.
This is the first important step in ensuring we're helping protect the rights of the workers at our production facility. But we know it doesn't stop here. So we will be busy here in the wings continuing to gather info and we’ll be sharing everything with you along the way.
For more information on what is required for a facility to be SA8000 certified, hit the link below.

This brings me to my next project...
Sustainable Staples are being sampled as we speak. Just a tad excited. The idea behind this stems from our ethos. Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. It doesn't end there though. We've taken things a little further when it comes to the performance part. I had this grand idea of developing our own custom fabric for our performance leggings. And this takes time!

Why fix it if it ain't broken? Well apart from being compiled of a larger % of recycled materials, I thought we could produce something even better than we use already in terms of performance, feel and durability. Sampling and testing to come later this week. Keep watching on our Instagram @wod.up for the verdict. Ps. Wait till you see the colour!!!
Oh, and guys I haven't forgotten about you. I’ve got ‘big’ plans there too. Patience is needed. Sampling and testing will be underway in the next couple of months.

As a new company, time and money are precious. Some would say I like to complicate the process. I just want to bring the best product possible to the table, ‘do the right thing' by the environment and the talented people that produce the clothing we all proudly wear.

I am continually grateful for all of your support and patience. Just know, that I’m working really hard bts to bring you all something sustainable and epic;)
Big love
GG x