Naked Truth - Let's be real!

For the past 2 years I have invested every waking moment and every $ (we sold our house for this) into building a brand that would (in my mind) benefit the planet and everyone wearing it. It’s been my driving force. My purpose had been clear. To create activewear that ‘let’s you do good when you are being good’.
But... over the past few months I’ve been facing a really hard question stirred up by Samantha Wills. As she closed her business after 15 years she stated that she questioned her purpose often, and concluded that the world needed more than more jewellery. This has had me thinking ever since.

Does the world really need more activewear?

It not only questions our ethos, But it could ultimately affect the future of what I’ve worked so hard to build to this point.
I mean, let’s be real here.


"The fashion industry is one of world’s biggest polluting contributors."

I’ve really had to take a step back and do some digging within, because my initial response to answering my own question was NO. The world really doesn’t need more activewear. So where does that leave WODUP and my purpose?

And I guess after getting down to the nitty gritty, I’ve come to realise WODUP is so much more than the fit kit you wear everyday. For me, it’s about creating a product that conveys the real message here. To open the curtains so to speak, to technical information about our sustainable fabrics and the ethical practices within our supply chain. It all comes back to my ‘WHY'.

*goes back to drawing board*

“By promoting the benefits of positivity and awareness, we’re giving you the ability to ensure the last thing you’ll ever need to worry about is your clothing stacking up.”

But what does that even mean?...

*light bulb moment*

For me, It’s so easy to get caught up in reinventing the wheel. And even easier to get consumed with current fast fashion trends. And don’t get me wrong, I’m always researching to make improvements on our garments. And of course I want them to be aesthetically appealing. But, is simplicity the ‘real sustainable’ key here? If I’m to sleep at night and truly live my brand then is sustainable fitness wear more than just the textiles they’re made with?

Because to me/WODUP it simply is not enough to just make our performance clothing from sustainable textiles.

I don’t care if it’s made from the most durable stuff in the world because to me, if you can’t wear it in a year because it’s out dated then we’re really taking the piss here aren’t we?

Let me ask you this...

Out of all the activewear you’ve ever purchased, what do you reach for every day? Is it that pair of leggings you got on sale because you couldn’t resist the bargain? Or is it that sports bra you paid full price for because you know it stands up to the task and supports you and your values for years to come?
And if you knew the story behind the loving hands that crafted your favourite fit kit, would this add value to your purchase?

At the end of the day I think it’s great that the message is getting out there about sustainable living. Household brands are making the switch to ultimately make an impact. But don’t be fooled *FOMO* into thinking you need a new fit kit every week because the newest edition has just been released. Is last week’s release out dated already?

My point is; Just because it’s made from sustainable materials doesn’t mean it’s not destined for landfill. Which is the real issue here isn’t it?

We’re making some big changes here at WODUP. Because ultimately we want to genuinely make an impact.


Big love as always,

Gab G xxx