Naked Truth No.32

What a weekend! A gentle reminder of how this newish brand called WODUP is growing. The word is slowly getting out about our eco Activewear. And popping up at @F45_training_willetton (Instagram page) for a 24 hour bike ride to conquer cancer was exactly what I needed to realise. I get so caught up in my own little hustle bubble that I forget that we are still pretty unheard of. For the amount of time I spend thinking and working on growing this baby, I feel like we should be world wideūü§™
What I‚Äôve come to realise is that working on my own is challenging. Mentally challenging. Self doubt is tested daily. As confident as I am (or thought I was) with my ideas for WODUP, I now understand that the reason I was so confident was because I was constantly relaying my ideas to like minded people. The feedback gave me confirmation. Then it hit me. I thrive on human interaction. It excites me to bounce ideas around and be social. My Ambassadors cop an ear beating. I guess what I‚Äôm trying to say is that, for me, I‚Äôm starting to acknowledge or connect with the way I ‚Äėrun‚Äô so to speak. Not interacting with people on a daily basis has really made see this. I crave it! And after hanging out with the Willetton crew, the endorphins were racing. I was back in my element.
I learnt a few things this weekend. Firstly, that if the crew are coming back for more because they love the fit and the feel, the word is definitely spreading. The brand is growing. The positive feedback makes my heart warm. And I know how awesome it feels to buy new activewear and discover a hidden gem. It's addictive. You just want it all. And that’s what kind of happened. Why buy one pair of leggings when you can buy 3, that are all the exact same fit and fabric? Needless to say, they admitted to not really needing a fresh pair because the original pair they bought nearly 12 months ago are still like new. But let’s face it. We all need rotation items. There’s only so many days in a week you can get away with wearing the same fit kit. And to hear that people don't wear anything else these days is pretty damn mind blowing. I know this is definitely the case for me but I’m biased. Let me say this though, if I didn't like my brand because it wasn't perfect in terms of fit, feel and performance, then I wouldn't wear it! End of story. And I do. Every single day. And it all looks as good as the day I first wore it. To know the feeling is mutual, and to have their friends eager to get the WODUP workout experience is inspiring for me. It makes me want to keep going. Keep building. And most of all do more pop ups. Because I know that once people touch and try, they're going to love. I mean, there's only so many ways you describe how awesome something is. And let’s be honest. All brands are saying our awesome their gear is.
So. With summer in the air and the release of our first eco athletic swimwear collection at the end of October, I’m itching to personally pop up and give you a touch and feel. Because I know you're going to love it. But I'm starting to book out and there's only one of me. So if you live in Perth, Australia and desperately want to try before you buy then tell your gym owner to shoot me an email to secure a pop up spot. And Sydney siders, you won't miss out either. Ambassador @functionalfit_jeremy (Instagram page) is ready to pop up for you guys. He's already testing the men's 'Trichrome' swimming trunks and let's just say they're getting the thumbs up.
Thank you so much for your support and kind words. It really means the world to WODUP. Without you all, we can't grow and ultimately Make our Impact!
Big Love to you all. And I can't wait to meet you soonūüėČ
GG x