Naked Truth no.40 by Gabrielle Gessner

No Hashtags – Naked Truth no.40
Where do I start? Let's just assume that the pic say's it all. It does! What started as a regular Wednesday morning at WODUP HQ ended quite the opposite. You never imagine your roof collapsing. And I can't describe the feeling you have when you open the door after a sweaty session to be greeted with this view.
If I’m being honest, I was reluctant to even post this. I mean it's not really activewear related. Or is it?...
I feel I need to get the weight of my back so to speak, and give you guys the naked truth on life behind the walls of a small business. I mean talk about a hiccup.
Let me roll you through my thoughts as I struggle to consume the images before my eyes.
*opens door 10:20am* Eyes are wide! Body and mind frozen for what seems like minutes. I remember asking myself whether I’m dreaming or not. *blinks and wipes eyes* With a massive gasp and hand over mouth I’m in disbelief. Body starts to tremble and I remember telling myself to get it together. Just breathe. This is real!
*calls Cam aka husband* Had only dropped him back to the airport hours earlier for another 8 day work swing. Think to myself, this shit always happens when I’m home alone leaving me feel panicked and him feeling helpless.
Imagine walking into a disaster zone without warning of there even being a disaster.
I don't do stress well. I like routine. I like familiarity. So totally out of my comfort zone here. Ok I'm getting the hint here...
*holy shit. What about the stock?* I grab the keys and fumble to get the front door open. The ceiling is in tact.🙏 The stock is untouched. But for how long I didn't know. Do I start pulling everything out? In the same breath I’m nervous as hell to enter the house in fear of risking my life. For all I knew the ceiling could come down at any time. Clearly there was that chance.
Fast forward 15 minutes...
As the realisation of what’s happened is sinking in, my thoughts start to shift. I feel totally blessed that I was not home when it happened. I’m unharmed and my puppies are stressed but ok too. I’m aware that this would have been a totally different story if I’d not decided to hit the gym after a last minute date with my gym buddy Charlotte. My prime working position took the brunt of it. The dogs beds were completely smothered.
Unlucky? Lucky? Or both? I’m a big believer in things happening for a reason. And I guess what I’m learning as I get older is that shit happens! These things happen to test us. To test our stength and toughen us to build resilience. This is life! It’s hard if I’m being honest. But all you can do is change your perspective. It is what it is and as my mumma always tells me, “you only get given in life what you can handle.”
TAKE AWAY: I was born to face challenges in my life. I am stronger than I ever thought. I’m mentally tougher for these experiences. I will grow from these setbacks. I will continue to overcome these hurdles. Nothing can crush my spirit.
It's business as usual here. Just with a bit more cleaning;) WODUP lives another day!
Couldn't do this without all my friends and family. Big love to you all. Feeling so grateful right now. Even if I’m living with a tarp over my head. At least I have a roof I guess...
GG x