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No hashtags - Naked Truth No.11
Firstly. Apologies for ditching my Naked Truth blog last week. Sounds bad but I wasn’t in the writing mood. I take this stuff seriously and knew I couldn’t give you my 1hundy.
Anyway, I’m back this week with a post that is probably more of a tech-talk than a naked truth.
Let’s talk about sizing and how I’ve designed our pieces with an athletic physique in mind.
When I created our size charts I was drawing from my own personal experience with the issues I had with current athletic clothing. Let’s face it. We’ve all got those couple of pieces that are on high rotation. And for me it’s because the fit and feel is spot on. The other hundred items sit at the bottom of the active-wear pile with the hope that one day I’ll wear, but deep down I know I won’t. Who’s with me?
I totally get how unsure you must be when purchasing a product from a new online store from nothing more than a picture and a size chart. Hence my rant... Again, I think I've made things a little confusing whilst all the while trying to improve on the things that bothered me – like always having to size up because my legs are bigger or my booty popped (I’m talking guys and girls here). Because this is what we’ve always been used to doing when purchasing online, even if it means the waist is a little bigger or the leggings a little longer and saggy around the ankles (This really bothers me!) I’m not saying you’re always going to be the perfect mould but things like these can be altered to better suit the functional fitness enthusiast or athlete.
So, my biggest piece of fitting advice I can give you for WODUP performance clothing is ‘Go on your waist size' for booty shorts (there's extra length in the rear and the leg opening is bigger), leggings (mid – high rise with an ‘ankle freezer' length. Perfect for the not so tall chicks that suffer the saggy ankle syndrome) and men’s shorts (we’ve inserted strategically placed stretchy panels) which I’m sure you guys will appreciate when getting your barbell WOD'S on.
With the current impact crop – they are super supportive so I choose to go up a size because I don’t like a lat hangover. 
Unfortunately if you want support for 'Barb & Lyn' you need extra suppory around your back and a thicker shoulder strap, so this is something that couldn't really be rectified.
I really hope this clears things up a little when it comes to deciding on your perfect WODUP kit fit. And if I can say, I'm quite experienced at helping you find your perfect fit so if you're sitting on the fence umming and aahing - feel free to shoot me an email or a DM. Because a first experience is a lasting one, and I know I'd appreciate the hot fit tip from the designer that created the size charts.
Ps. Winter gear is coming soon. And again I've tweaked the fit and fabrics for workouts to lunch dates. Because ain't nobody got time for a wardrobe change when food is involved;)
GG x

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