Sustainable Eating for life made Simple.

 " Nourishing our bodies from the inside will always show on the outside. " - says nutritional therapist Luana Marchi

" Nourish is a very rich word because it has a kind of literal and metaphorical sense to it. True nourishment goes far beyond the food, vitamins and supplements we consume. Our relationships, dreams, hobbies, and many other aspects of our lives also give us those nourishing qualities that are absolutely vital if we are to thrive as humans. "

" How we eat is a reflection of how we live. Our hurrying through life is reflected in hurrying through our meals. Our need for certainty and control is mirrored in strict dietary rules. "

Anyone resonate?

We could all do with a different approach if we're looking to create life long sustainable eating habits right?

What if you had some useful tools to change your perspective on food? Better still, what if we share some of our favourite 'no fuss' recipes to get you into the swing of things?

But I'm vegan. How do I get my protein rich foods in?

Does this look appetising to you?

Then you might want to check this out for helpful tips on how to create a 'protein complete' meal with zero meat, and zero prep time.

Short on time and need to make use of expiring fridge items? Build a nutrient rich nourish bowl like this.

We all love one dish wonders. It means less dishes to wash and left overs for lunch the next day if the family doesn't clean you out. Salivating over this buckwheat paella.

Breakfast couldn't be made easier with Luana's homemade and healthy granola. Just add fruit and yogurt. Sprinkle some onto a smoothie bowl for some crunch.

It's nearly that time of year when a healthy and tasty soup is on the menu for dinner.

Come Friday and you'll be thinking about pizza. Here's a base you can whip up in minutes and add your favourite toppings.

It's time you got creative and resourceful. The options are endless when you look at food in a different light. The next time you head to the farmers market or grocery store, look at food in terms of nourishment. Focus on foods to eat instead of foods you shouldn't eat. Think about food in a positive way. Think delicious and nutritious. Grow and glow by eating colourful foods that give you energy. I guarantee you'll save $$ too. What's no to love about that?!

Refer to this blog post for tips on 'how to plate up'. You know... Portion your plate.

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