Water Bottles to Active-wear.

Pic via Brinkley Davies instagram @brinkleydavies
  • 18,000 pieces of plastic are estimated to float in every square kilometre of the ocean
  • 633 species worldwide including 77 Australian species are impacted by marine debris
  • Over 75% of what is removed from our beaches is made of plastic
At WODUP, we use recycled plastic bottles and give them new life by turning them into fitness wear. It's an incredible way for us to continue to share our ethical values and support our ethos in protecting the planet. But how do we do it?
Phase 1: Recycled bottles are taken to a recycling centre where they are shredded so that any liquid is removed. They are then boxed up to be shipped to phase 2.
Phase 2: The bottles are sorted into clear and coloured plastic, stickers and bottle lids. They are put in a bath where lids float to the surface and can be cleared. Next, it's bath number two in chemicals which help remove the stickers.
Phase 3: After a couple of chemical baths, the plastic bottles have now become a pile of sludgy clear plastic shreds. Now it's time to dry it off. The plastic spends about 10 hours in what is effectively a slow cooker, rotating until it is dry and ready for phase 4 in it's journey to become active-wear.
Phase 4: Next the mixture is sent through a rotating screw where it is heated up to a rather hot 270 degrees celsius, which melts the plastic, and it's then dropped into large strings which are collected into a container.
Phase 5: Now we have large strings of thread, but it's not strong enough for our performance clothing just yet. It is reheated and stretched to create stronger, binding fibres.
Phase 6: So what happens next with these new stronger fibres? We rip them apart again. Once they're torn apart, we're left with a cotton wool like raw substance.
Phase 7: The fluff is sent off to another factory where it's made into cloth. A machine lays the fibres into rough cloth. This cloth is then spun into fibre and collected on giant bobbins.
Phase 8: The thread is now ready to be transformed into our epic WODUP designs.
So, what was once rubbish and potential marine debris is now sweat-wicking, functional and stylish active-wear! This helps to conserve and protect the planet and contributes to combatting climate change.
Along with supporting the Tangaroa Blue Foundation by donating $1 from every sale to help this non for profit organisation clean up Australian beaches and oceans, we are 'Doing Good' by saving our planet one eco fit kit at a time!
We're doing our bit to help you #MakeYourImpact. The rest is up to you...
GG x