Who made your clothes?...It's important to know!

When you really think about it, all of the clothes we wear are actually hand-made.

From the cutting to the sewing, precious hands work incredibly hard everyday to piece together the garments you fill your wardrobe with. Without them our brand wouldn't exist, and we're big believers in ensuring these hands are well looked after.

Our factory is owned and operated by a 'legend' of a woman named Taylor. Her Chinese based facility is BSCI certified, which enforces some really important protocols including no child labor, fair and safe working conditions, and zero tolerance for discrimination.

Taylor believes that in order to create an efficient and positive work environment, you need to set an example built from ethics, which is why she loves stepping out of her office and being 'hands on' on the factory floor. All of Taylor's employees, male or female, are treated with respect and paid a fair wage they can live off. 

Prior to founding our textile facility in 2012, Taylor was a chemical engineer. It's fair to say she has seen the impact of environmental destruction on Mother Earth, and she's on a mission to make her impact in this global industry. So much so that she doesn't take the certification's of 3rd party companies in our supply chain as gospel. She regularly visits our fabric manufacturing suppliers to make sure they're following protocol. She really is on the ball. Taylor has also enforced a registration scheme with our textile production facility that ensures all water used to produce our garments is treated and tested before it re-enters the waterways.

"If they don't comply with regulations, they're forbidden. So please don't worry about this," says Taylor. She's all over it!

As far as auditing goes within our facility, it's carried out annually. In some cases it's a 'ghost audit' as we like to call it. You know, the one where the auditors rock up unannounced. And that's a big tick from us!

Amy, their sales manager and my relations guru, has been with our manufacturing company from day dot. And this says a lot about the working conditions if you ask me.

"Taylor is very kind to us," says Amy.

Whilst daily lunches aren't catered for, each employee receives an added lunch allowance in their pay packet. The main reason being, not everyone likes to eat the same things. We totally get that. And you can forget your 30 min lunch break. The workers at our facility get 1.5 hours for their lunch break to do what ever they please. Amy says most of them take a walk and a nap so they're re-energised for the afternoon. Wow!

We know we're not perfect but we're always researching and implementing because we believe sustainability and ethics go hand in hand. We're constantly working on being more transparent and feel that the more you look at where things come from, the more you can be invested in where they end up. 

Click here to find out more about what is required to be an BSCI certified.