It’s fair to say that we’re all ‘doing our bit’ these days when it comes to reducing our Global Impact.

And as a business, why should we be any different? We’d be lying if we didn’t think that the environment isn’t affected in some way when it comes to the manufacturing of our High Performance Clothing. Well, this is assuming we just use traditional, readily available (not so friendly) fabrics for our gear….

At WODUP we’ve always had the environment in mind. And in our travels to becoming a sustainable business, we’ve found some hidden gems when it comes to textiles. Not only in terms of sustainability – but in terms of durability and performance as well.

WODUP is constantly implementing the #ecoisgo approach, to ensure the last thing you need to worry about is your clothing stacking up!

Here’s how we’re doing it….


Let’s talk about MODAL. What is it? And what’s so good about it?

I know we keep saying it, but our ‘Modal-Tech’ really is Eco Friendly Luxury. We use this for all of our performance t-shirts and tanks. Why? Let us explain.

Modal is a bio-based fibre made from spinning reconstituted cellulose from beech trees. Beechwood is the raw material for Modal fibre.

The raw yarns used for WODUP’s ‘Modal-Tech' come from Taiwan, and are exported to China where they produce Modal fabric.

Now we all know it takes water to grow tree’s, and this is another concerning Global impact in itself. So we’re excited to let you know that Beech tree’s multiply by ‘rejuvenation’ which means that the tree’s propagate by themselves. No artificial irrigation or planting is required. Beechwood forests are a completely natural and sustainable source of raw material – pure, natural and CO2 neutral.

It doesn’t stop there...

Unlike fully synthetic fibres, Modal is biodegradable. This means that clothing made with Modal will return to the earth in your lifetime (but not, of course during your wearing of the product).

How does Modal measure up when it comes to performance?

Modal is extremely luxurious and silky smooth and is about 50% more hygroscopic, or water-absorbent, per unit volume than cotton is.

Modal has a character of high strength - It has more strength than cotton. It’s also – unlike cotton – shrink resistant, and unlikely to fade.  

Modal is moisture-wicking and lightweight and less likely to form pills as a result of friction.

Modal is the super food of the fabric world and here at WODUP, we're making a difference one t-shirt at a time.

So what’s the deal with R-PET?

We are excited to tell you that our High Performance Clothing really does let you “do good” when you are “being good” more ways than one. Because our performance gear is made from 73% Recycled fibres.

R-PET stands for Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (aka recycled polyester). And this is what you get when you recycle used plastic water bottles and spin it into fibre.

We know what you’re thinking...polyester?

Recycled Polyester (R-PET) differs from regular polyester by using a different raw material called PET. Not only does this avoid the toxic by-products associated with polyester, but by using R-PET we're not only helping to keep plastic out of landfills and oceans, but we’re also saving our natural resources. 

How do we rate R-PET?

What you can expect from our positive performance clothing is stretchy, breathable clothing that is durable, maintains its shape, is easy to wash and is quick to dry.

Just when you thought you couldn’t get any more naked...

That’s where COMP-LETE comes to the party.

If you’ve been waiting to wear your underwear as outerwear, then we’ve got what you need. And the best part...

COMP-LETE is made from 87% RECYCLED nylon (AKA discarded fishing nets)

It’s ridiculously soft and oh so cosy. It’s breathable, stretchy, supportive and the bonus? It’s injected with a non-stink technology.

Why COMP-LETE? Is it better than our R-PET?

In terms of sustainability, yes. If you’re talking performance, it’s definitely on par. It just feels a little different. Think less sheen, more sustainable. And this is the main reason behind COMP-LETE.

Recycled Nylon has the same environmental benefits as Recycled Polyester (a.k.a R-PET) in that it diverts waste from landfills and requires much fewer resources to produce compared with virgin nylon. Naturally, we’re all over it!

The Verdict?

You’ll be doing good when you’re being good. And still be doing good when you’re not. Whether you run, flow, lift or lounge, you can breathe easy and style a little more sustainably. So yeah, we think it’s going to COMP-LETE you, whatever the WOD.

And it's *COMING SOON*

Eco Friendly Luxury that feels so good it’s the next best thing to being naked.

But what about the packaging?...

Don't stress! We've thought about that.

Every piece of our sustainable fitnesswear comes in one of our custom, recycled/recyclable/reusable PVC zip lock bags.

It's perfect to stash sweaty gym gear after a sweaty session. And if you're a bit of a wanderluster, then it's perfect for toiletries. Or if you're a little anal like me, then they make the ultimate suitcase organiser. Bathers in one bag. Undies in another.

So you can sleep easy WODUP Fam. There really is nothing 'Stacking up' here!